titolo Liturgia Horarum. Iuxta Ritum Romanum [VOL. 4] - Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
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Con la Liturgia delle Ore celebrata, per antica consuetudine, nelle varie parti del giorno, la Chiesa adempie il comando del Signore di pregare incessantemente, dà lode a Dio Padre e intercede per la salvezza del mondo.
Il presente secondo volume è stato rinnovato, secondo il rito romano, a norma dei Decreti del Concilio Ecumenico Vaticano II e fu promulgato da papa Paolo VI.
L’Ufficio è stato disposto ed ordinato in modo tale che, essendo preghiera di tutto il popolo di Dio, possano prendervi parte non solo i chierici,ma anche i religiosi, anzi gli stessi laici. L’introduzione di svariate forme di celebrazione rende ora la Liturgia delle Ore adattabile a persone di cultura e livello diversi, dando la possibilità ad ognuno di adeguarla alla propria condizione e vocazione.
Il QUARTO VOLUME delle Liturgia delle Ore abbraccia il tempo ordinario che va dalla XVIII alla XXXIV domenica.
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Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.
Liturgia horarum iuxta ritum romanum. Vol. 4: Tempus per annum. Hebdomadae 18-34.


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Thank you! Beautifully formated. I would love a similar edition of the Latin Missale Romanum (2008) and the Lectionarium. Regards, Priory of St. Vincent Ferrer - Dominican Friars - Province of St. Joseph -
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I would like to thank you for the latin Breviary. It is really comfortable in use; exactly what I needed and done better that I expected.
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Thank you for the beautiful gift of the Liturgia Horarum e-books to the faithful throughout the Catholic world who pray the Liturgy of the Hours in Latin. For years I was lovingly devoted to my 4-volume Liberia Editrice Vaticano hard copy set that I never thought would leave my side, even for a day, never even imagined the same spiritual experience could be duplicated electronically. But this all changed abruptly several months ago when upon an acquaintance's recommendation I tentatively installed your e-books version on my iPad and glimpsed their gorgeous layout and typography, and the convenient navigability afforded by your ingeniously designed system of links that facilitates jumping back and forth between the ordinary and psalter and the propers of seasons and saints and the commons as readily as with the ribbons in a hardbound book. Most amazing is your achievement somehow in an inexpensive e-book format of the same comfortable look and feel that one experiences with an expensive hard copy volume. Henry Edwards - Tennessee USA
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Hello, It is mentioned this e-book corresponds to the printed version from LEV 2010. But I cannot find anywhere else on the internet a reference or selling option for this printed version 2010 except here. Was there a revision in this version from the previously printed versions (70's and 80's)? Thank you!
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